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Aerial Work

Aero Logistics is well respected in the industry for our fleet of premium, versatile, and powerful helicopters, responsible for delivering upon all forms of Aerial Work. Our professional staff can help you with your choice of aircraft for the airwork you are planning or the expertise you have come to expect.

We also specialise in Fire Spotting, Incendiary Dropping, and Feral Animal Control.

Costs for air work can be surprisingly low, making the use of helicopter timely and cost-effective. Each helicopter offers a slightly different power to weight ratio, depending on the requirements. Check out our services below for your next corporate or private event before you contact us for a quote or more information.


Aerial Film & Photography

Aero Logistics pilots have years of experience with leading photographers and camera operators involved in aerial photography and filming services for corporate videos, overhead assessment footage, feature films, and TV commercials. We are one of only a handful of operators who specialise in Ciniflex aerial filming.

We have worked for projects such as The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Biggest Loser, Australia’s Next Top Model, Getaway, Sydney Weekender, Oprah Winfrey, and more.


Infrastructure Inspections

Heavy Industry, Property Inspection, Maintenance Activities, Land and Sea, and Electrical Services (including Powerline Stringing) has become a large part of our business operations up and down the East Coast of Australia.

Our highly skilled, high hour pilots matched with our proficient and powerhouse fleet of aircraft provides our clients with a range of affordable and experienced options to suit your budget and timelines.


Freight & Cargo Charters

Our versatile fleet of aircraft allow us to offer air freight services seven (7) days a week into almost any location with approval.

From bulky items to oversized cargo, dangerous goods to schedule maintenance on a tight deadline, we can provide cost-effective, tailored solutions for all types of air transport requirements across Australia.